• Clear Quartz Healing Wand

Clear Quartz Healing Wand

Since old circumstances, gem wands have been utilized for mending by healers everywhere throughout the world. Some trust that they were even utilized by precious stone healers in Atlantis. Today, precious stone wands are still a typical apparatus utilized by healers around the globe. 

Wands come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and furthermore in numerous assortments of stone also. Wands might be long or short, and the chamber can be smooth or faceted. They can be pointed toward one side and adjusted at the other, or they can be adjusted on both closures, or pointed at both finishes. A few wands are more extensive toward one side and decreased at the other, while others are most certainly not. Most wands are formed and cleaned, however unpleasant regular pointed gems, for example, quartz, can likewise be utilized as a recuperating wand.

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Clear Quartz Healing Wand

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