• Mahagony Tumbled Stones

Mahagony Tumbled Stones

Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of quality and gives quality when help is really needed. Mahogany Obsidian gem has a gentler vitality than dark obsidian. Resounding with the earth, it grounds and ensures, gives quality when help is desperately needed, vitalizes reason, takes out vitality blockages, gives new life to your motivations and objectives and animates development on all levels. It is a balancing out stone that fortifies powerless air. A stone of reflection, this type of obsidian is said to help with inward reflection, reflecting our defects while bringing self-acknowledgment, assisting with basic leadership, and permitting us to roll out critical improvement in troublesome parts of our lives. This gemstone is additionally accepted by some to soothe pressure.

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Mahagony Tumbled Stones

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