• Red Jasper Pyramid

Red Jasper Pyramid

Red Jasper has a place with the Seeker and Transformer Crystal family. Searcher and Transformers are well known charms, used to discover change in life towards more alluring state. Searchers are utilized for direction in looking for another way, heading, approach or any journey which is wanted however not achieved yet. Vitality of immaculate red and delight of orange joined by Scarlet speaks to the shade of quality and restoration both physically and profoundly. This Jasper pyramid is fundamentally useful for every one of those for whom physical quality is imperative. An exceptionally establishing precious stone, this Jasper pyramid is related with the Root (Mooladhar) chakra and is utilized for realignment and recuperating of Root (Mooladhar) chakra. Red as a shading is regular birthstone for those conceived amid 22 Oct – 20 Nov (SCORPIO). However being related with planet mercury it is likewise prophetically associated with GEMINI (21 May – 21 Jun). Speaking to Fire Energy this Jasper pyramid is utilized as a part of the south range of a house or room. Fire basic vitality which is Yang in nature signifies the vitality of brilliance, brightening and warmth.

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Red Jasper Pyramid

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