• Moonstone Pyramid

Moonstone Pyramid

The specified cost is for 1 inch Moonstone Pyramid, size can be overhauled according to necessity. 

Moonstone likewise called as stone for explorers is known for its nature of security particularly around evening time. It is said to be most effective assurance ornament on water when moon is sparkling. It is likewise thought to be a compelling guide for improving the identity. Moonstone with its intense boundary quality inserted in its crystalline structure it is powerful in keeping undesired tatva's out of one's life. With its earth force of a channel it keeps the positive vitality stream and sift through negative vitality. As an establishing stone it additionally helps in giving mental strength and fitting the searcher. Moonstone has a durable mitigating quality which brings pAAlacidness on the enthusiastic perspective and peace on the physical level. It has a vitality which adjusts the feelings heaped up in intuitive and accordingly contain upheaval of feelings. At the point when set at the focal point of button (Moon Center) it animates certainty and poise. 

Moonstone is the stone for those conceived under the zodiac indication of CANCER. Moonstone has metal basic vitality which speaks to vitality of recuperating, imagination and insight. It speaks to holding and harmonization at both physical and otherworldly level. This pyramid ought to be utilized as a part of the west range of house or room.

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Moonstone Pyramid

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