• Labradorite Pyramid

Labradorite Pyramid

The said cost is for 1 inch Labradorite Pyramid, size can be overhauled according to prerequisite. 

Labradorite is known to be an exceptionally uncommon and intense Crystal, extremely compelling as a hindrance with its inward type of a trapezium giving precious stone quality every which way. This precious stone pyramid is extremely viable for all round security. As an instrument of security it can be utilized for protecting one's quality against all negative energies and misfortune and consequently these precious stones are known as genuine assurance gems. The blue shade of Labradorite speaks to birthstone shade of those conceived amid February 20–March 19 (PISCES). 

Labradorite is related with the Throat (Vishudha) Chakra, the very wellspring of articulation of vitality from different chakras. Labradorite speaks to water vitality and is symbolized with blue shading. Labradorite pyramids can be accustomed to bring the streaming water tatva into your home and life to concentrate on investigating your actual potential. Water's essential vitality is customarily connected with the North territory of a house or room and speaks to life way. Water's natural vitality could be utilized to have consistency and forward force in life. Some call Labradorite as "Stone of Magic" and is accepted to upgrade one's energy to associate with higher self and stir special insight, clairvoyance and prescience.

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Labradorite Pyramid

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