• Blue Sodalite Pyramid

Blue Sodalite Pyramid

The specified cost is for 1 inch Blue Sodalite Pyramid, size can be updated according to necessity. 

Sodalite stone is known to have solid vibrations associating with the characteristics of optimism and truth and on bigger viewpoint reality of life and the examples behind it. Its solid otherworldly properties help in upgrading and fortifying the inventive capacities. 

Blue Sodalite is related with Third eye (Aagya) Chakra and the Throat (Vishudha) Chakra. This makes it a perfect stone for advancement of natural capacities and expressions. It likewise helps in understanding one genuine self and life. As a stone of vision it improves self-control and vision. 

Sodalite is otherwise called a guide to get to one's subliminal and orchestrates one with the higher self. Utilize a Sodalite stone pyramid amid contemplation to achieve access to genuine self and genuine nature.

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Blue Sodalite Pyramid

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