• Citrine Bottle Pendant

Citrine Bottle Pendant

Citrine is a head stone of sign, creative energy, and individual will. Conveying the force of the sun, it is warm and consoling, invigorating and nurturing. It empowers the chakras like the daylight of spring, clearing the brain and blending the spirit to activity. Its recurrence stirs inventiveness and creative energy, and maintains the way toward changing dreams and wishes into substantial frame. With its immaculate yellow vitality, Citrine supports completion of life, crisp beginnings and new interests. 

Normal Citrine does not hold or amass negative vitality, but instead transmutes, scatters, and grounds it, making it greatly defensive for the earth. It works out issues on both the physical and unobtrusive levels, changing negative musings and emotions into positive ones. It is one of just two gems on Earth that never should be cleared or washed down. The other is Kyanite. 

Citrine helps with obtaining riches, as well as aides in looking after it. It is a stone of plenitude and appearance, drawing in riches and flourishing, achievement and all things great. It is a fabulous precious stone for interpersonal connections both for advancement and facilitating strained relations.

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Citrine Bottle Pendant

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