• Black Tourmaline Cross Pendent

Black Tourmaline Cross Pendent

Dark Tourmaline is an exceptionally viable establishing stone with numerous employments. It helps in giving quieting impact and draws antagonistic vitality from a man. It is additionally known to change thick vitality into lighter vibration along these lines giving imperativeness and strength. 

Being an establishing stone it is compelling to accomplish reflective state and helps the client to have knowledge into one's life. It additionally helps one to associate with the higher self and understand the genuine significance of life and reason. 

Dark Tourmaline is related with Root (Mooladhar) Chakra and its consistent utilize helps in adjusting and fitting the vitality of this chakra which is additionally an inside for kundalini Shakti. This Pendent could be utilized amid reflection with center and goal of congruity and security. It will give placidness and soundness alongside smooth move to the reflective state. The prophetic sign for Black tourmaline is CAPRICORN.

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Black Tourmaline Cross Pendent

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